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Robert Frost Wrote:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
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Representative Writings
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Managing Involuntary Employee Separations 
by Greg Fall
Employee separations are among the most difficult responsibilities of an HR or line manager. Protecting the interests of both the organization and the impacted individual are not mutually exclusive, however. Whether a single termination for cause or multiple position eliminations due to downsizing or reorganization ... Read more

Good Decisions or Data Distraction? 
by Greg Fall
Are some of your employees occasionally paralyzed by collecting too much data? Could they be addicted to information gathering via the web, smart phones, emails, texts, and tweets instead of being productive for your organization? ... Read more

Coaching to Increase Choice through an Internal Locus of Control
by Greg Fall
Organizational leaders and human resource professionals alike know the benefits when each of their employees have more of an internal locus of control – increased productivity, initiative, resiliency / capacity to handle stress, commitment to professional development, fulfillment, and ability to communicate ... Read more

Taking Off Your Mask of Anxiety 
by Greg Fall
As authentic as we try to be, most of us find ourselves wearing an outer mask at times to “fit in,” “cope” with anxieties, “respond” to events of the moment, or “adapt” to certain shadow cultures at work, at home, or in society. It’s only natural to be concerned with our own professional and personal safety – both emotionally and from a job security standpoint. However, if we allow these masks of safety to stay on ... Read more