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LEADERSHIP LEARNING - Individual Coaching and Team Learning

Individual Coaching
Core Choices Consulting offers coaching services integrated with our 
Professional Value Proposition (PVP) concept, which provides a 
construct for viewing an individual’s value to an organization at any 
given point in time through interconnected spheres: impact, learning, 
and role. As we work with you to custom design the right program, 
often a particular area will stand out as dominant in the coaching 
process. Identifying the correct area and establishing clear metrics 
for success is critical to maximizing your coaching ROI.

Integrated with your succession planning and leadership development 
efforts, coaching is often focused on preparing existing high potential 
individuals for pending advancement in your organization to positions 
of higher responsibility and authority. Such individuals are already 
performing above expectations with significant impact to the 
organization. They are high learning individuals.

Coaching for improved performance is also available and focuses on realizing lasting behavioral change. Developing a trust relationship quickly and choosing the right assessments are critical here. During these coaching engagements, the situation may call for further career development and/or transition; our firm has this expertise as well. Our coaching helps  professionals get unstuck and maximize their potential while caring for their dignity, building self-efficacy, and supporting an internal locus of control. Our job is to help our coaching clients have more and make better choices. 

Team Learning
In partnership with your human resources and senior leadership, we design high impact learning experiences to supplement your existing talent management and development, as well as any succession planning program. Our efforts are often integrated with coaching and mentoring initiatives to boost retention and effectiveness over time. 

Our custom programs can be as simple as a three hour workshop for new managers or as involved as multi-day training incorporating multiple assessment devices and engaging several of our staff as co-facilitators. As we design a program with and for you, we remain sensitive to cultural competencies and existing relationships. We work with you to determine your particular needs and, in the event there is not a good fit between your requirements and our capabilities, we will be pleased to suggest alternative consulting talent. 

At Core Choices Consulting, our efforts are focused on guiding the development of human potential in the workplace, to the benefit of both individual and organization. In this highly competitive marketplace, continual investment in key contributors and leaders has become foundational to maintaining bottom line viability. 

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