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Core Choices Consulting customizes career transition / outplacement services to meet your organization’s needs and budget. Our caring, personalized approach assures the highest quality programs delivered to those impacted by employee separation events such as downsizing, restructuring, or termination for cause. We are concerned for both the emotional and career well-being of our individual clients; our goals are to help minimize the transition’s impact and time to re-employ in a suitable position.

Whether 1 or 100+ persons are impacted, we approach our work 1-person-at-a-time. We have the capacity to meet your needs; our experienced career coaches are all aligned with our core philosophy of helping individuals maximize their number of available choices and make the best choice for their career journey. Our online assessments and comprehensive online career search program are as good as any on the market and insures individual clients have access to all available tools. Our 1-person-at-a-time approach insures a highly personalized experience. 

We are committed to preserving our client’s personal and professional dignity at all times, simultaneously guiding them out of their comfort zones in self and career exploration. Our work is accomplished with confidence, respect, and kindness.

Our programs range from online and remote support to group workshops to individualized 1-on-1 in person sessions. We are experienced in assisting diverse generational and cultural groups as well as individuals at all levels of employment, from key contributor to c-suite executive. We apply adult learning principles to accommodate various learning styles and, as much as possible, tailor each program to fit the specific needs of the group or individual.

A full range of career transition planning services are available, from event pre-planning and training for those conducting separation interviews to after-notification training to help with collateral strain on the culture and potential productivity loss. 

As supplemental to a career transition programs, there is no charge for our notification day support. This reflects our commitment to help both the impacted individuals and the organization begin healing immediately and preserve the human dignity of all involved.
Core Choices Consulting typically customizes these foundational programs, each including Insala’s comprehensive 
EmploymentTalk 4.0 online career tool.  Follow the link below or contact us to learn more about these individual programs.

Additional support services are available and often include: